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Cornerstone Power Net with main focus of providing quality design systems integration and practical solutions in SECURITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, PASSIVE AND ACTIVE NETWORKING, AUDIO VISUAL and PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT SYSTEM.


Our main focus have enabled us to grow stably and continuing stay relevant to our customers and suppliers.



Our customer is our business partner

Our dealers will discover a new dimension of service offered by us. Besides seeking solutions to customers' problems, Cornerstone Power is also looking forward to establishing long term relationship to achieve mutual benefits with our dealers. We offer possible business opportunities to accommodate dealers' needs, suggestions and requirements in-line with their marketing strategies. We are always looking for way to help our dealer make more money and be more prosperous 


Customer satisfaction is important to Cornerstone Power

Cornerstone Power is committed to provide Total Customer Satisfaction as we strive to become a World-Class Security Company. We will achieve this through developing people, products and services of the highest quality and meeting the needs of our nation. After all, our satisfied clients are our ambassadors in future.




To be prominent in providing  good quality design system integration that come with compelling value by delivering managed services and end to end solutions that enhance by operational efficiency with costs benefit.



  • Continuously providing good quality consultancy services that beyond expectation

  • Enhancing our presence and track records

  • Ensure the design system continue to be operative that produce optimize results. 

Security Management System


CCTV, Door Access Control, Visitor Management, Intercom & Perimeter Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection System.


To provide businesses and structures with maximum protection in today's high-risk world, security system has been considering a necessary in the building's structural and interior design. For buildings, this requires analysis of the structure's vulnerabilities and implementation of upgrades. Security systems must be designed to fit the client's present needs and anticipate their needs for protection in the future.


Cornerstone Power Net could provides security threat analysis and risk assessment, to M&E Consultant, architects, owners, facility management and security directors listing comprehensive expectations. Once assessment is completed, security planning and design begins. 

ICT, Back Bone Fiber, Network Design, Network Swicth, Firewall, KVM Switch & Wireless Solution.


Passive and Active Networking


The basic requirement of an intelligent building is a consistent and scalable cabling infrastructure. Cabling infrastructure should be one that will be flexible for the requirements of the day as well as for the couple of decades more. A robust cabling supported by appropriate Active Network equipment's provides the infrastructure to cater to the demands of all voice, data and video requirements of an intelligent building.

Audio Visual & Public Announcement

SMATV, IPTV, Digital Signature, Audio Visual & Public Announcement

Audio and Visual solutions are achieving more popularity in each and every sectors of life. An easy way to convey information from an advertisement to stock prices and from a press conference to global meet. We design all audio visual solutions that could provide the best that achieve customer requirement.

Equipment tagging, Mechanical completion, Site Acceptance Test & Commissioning

Customer Support

Providing each of our clients with a systematic and documented process of ensuring that each of their building systems perform interactively according to the design intent and their operational needs. Involving rigorous testing processes, commissioning can provide an assurance policy, improve air quality, optimize energy consumption and improve employee productivity. 


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