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What it takes to design a system based on your needs


In the term of full consulting and specification services of a system design as a whole here is what we do;

Seamlessly integrate it with your other facility systems for greater efficiency.

Service 1

Service 2

Service 3


• Perimeter Detection

• Burglar Alarm


Video Surveillance

• Digital Video Recording

• Video Monitoring

• Video Analytics


Alarm & Event Monitoring

• Central Station (UL & FM approved)

• Command Center

• Remote notification (Pager/PDA)


Barrier Systems

• Locking hardware

• Fencing, bollards

• Turnstiles

• Traffic controls


Fire Detection & Signaling

• Networked fire panels

• Notification

• Video based fire detection

Identity Management Solutions

• Biometric identification

• Smart cards

• Automatic vehicle identification (AVI)

• HSPD-12 Credentialing


Policies & Procedures

• Access control/badging

• Visitor management

• Web access

• Training

• Standards and compliance


Plans & Documentation

• Emergency response

• Facility Operations Continuity

• Safety & Security Master Plan

• Incident Management


Communication Systems

• Intercom and paging

• Nurse call

Design Services


Stage 1 - Needs analysis

Meet all parties for cabling and specification to analyst and propose a concept design with complete documents and initial budgeting.


Stage 2 -  Design

A finalize design system by standard requirement

support  system – (example: analogue and IP technology)

specification of size and layout that fit into the wiring centre cabinet, ICT hardware and servers


Stage 3 -  Documentation

Prepare detailed specification document in line with brand standards and an agree design formally provided for cabling system and network.

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