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CCTV Security Cameras.


Complete range of solutions for a broad spectrum of industry segments and applications. Whether you need a few cameras, or a few thousand, our solutions are easy to install and easy to adapt to changing needs.


Industry type


  • Retail 

  • Transportation

  • Banking & Finance

  • City surveillance

  • Education

  • Government 

  • Healthcare 

  • Industrial 

  • Critical infrastructure


For safe, secure and uninterrupted activity every day


Video surveillance is a cost-effective way of increasing the level of safety and security within your production facility. Regardless of whether it is a solar plant, an electrical substation or a waste management facility, there is an Cornerstone Power Surveillance solution that suits your needs..

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Verify Visitor Identity & Authorize Access.


The H4 Video Intercom integrates a 3 MP camera with a high-performance intercom and features exceptional wide dynamic range, low-light, noise reduction and echo-canceling technologies for clear viewing and two-way communication with visitors. Combined with Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software, this secured entry system enables operators to quickly and easily identify and communicate with a visitor before remotely granting access.

Combine with ACC™

software to enable

Appearance Search™


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Retail Solutions.


Integrated Smart People Counter and Attribute Analyzer smart network camera with integrated functionalities including people counting as well as gender, age, and facial expression recognition. Adopting deep learning algorithms, the product features an accuracy of people counting provide 98%+ accuracy.

Thanks to its abundant algorithms, high detection accuracy and aesthetic appearance, the Integrated Smart People Counter and Attribute Analyzer has been utilized in multiple scenarios such as commercial properties and chain stores, offering precise people counting and attribute analyzing services.


Thermal Imaging Cameras.


Thermal network cameras create images based on the heat that always radiates from any object, vehicle or person. A thermal camera is less sensitive to problems with light conditions, such as shadows, backlight, darkness and even camouflaged objects; and delivers images that allow operators to detect and act on suspicious activity – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The Thermal network cameras offer extreme long range detection and excellent image quality, in the darkest of nights, through smoke and dust. You can detect a man-size target several kilometers away. All thermal imaging cameras are extremely suited for border and coastal surveillance but also for mid-range threat detection.


7K (30MP) Megapixel Surveillance

7K (30 MP) 7360 X 4128 Pro camera covers wide areas for situational awareness and zoom in for evidentiary details. One 7K Pro camera can replace up to 99 VGA resolution cameras..


Depending on your requirements,IP network cameras can bring the advantages of HD, megapixel and network technology to your surveillance application.


PTZ Dome Cameras are designed for the most demanding video surveillance applications, with outstanding, full frame rate video in resolutions up to HDTV 1080p. With powerful zoom and high-speed, precision pan/tilt/zoom capabilities, the indoor and outdoor-ready PTZ domes enable exceptional coverage of large areas and great detail when zooming in.

Facial Recognition Identity Surveillance


The facial recognition identity surveillance and verification platform provides secure and reliable real-time identification of both compliant and non-compliant subjects. Its specially designed light immune sensor is able to operate in low lighting conditions or shadows, making it an effective facial biometric system for real-world applications.


Since humans cannot consistently recognise other humans, facial recognition provides accurate identification of enrolled subjects. It has been proven to outperform skilled and experienced staff in head-to-head tests, even when staff knew they were being compared. It is also extremely simple to deploy and operate.


CCTV From Mobile Devices


Application for Android and iOS mobile devices enables real-time video and audio streaming on standard mobile handsets. The application utilises the integral cameras, touch screens and connectivity of the devices, making a handset a powerful and portable surveillance tool.


The application features AES 256 bit encryption, audio capture and network profile detection to optimise streaming across available networks. The bandwidth, frame rate, video dimensions and audio settings can all be configured remotely or locally on the device.


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