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Access Control.


Our wide selection of advanced readers, controllers, modules and accessories is designed to integrate seamlessly with your Door Access Control System to provide reliable, scalable access control.

Facial Recognition 
Visitor Management System 
Visitor Management System with Facial Recognition 

Cornerstone Power VMS Allow the user to enroll visitor as they enter and exit the premises. Enhanced with the latest web technologies (Web-based Application that requires an browser to operate), VMS assist you to enhance the new way to welcome your visitors by streamlining the process for visitor check-in.


Face Recognition based VMS:

  • Face photo as an exclusive identifier

  • Self-service kiosk to improve efficiency

  • Facial recognition eliminates human error and largely shorten returned visitors’ registration time

  • Employee Time attendance check by face recognition

  • Access control policy based on location and time schedule

  • Risk prediction based on visitor’s record, eg. anti-passback, blacklist detection, overstay, etc.


Ai Security Smart Building & Facial Recognition Module

Cornerstone Power platform security system integrates seamlessly with Visitor Management System, CCTV, Ai Video Analytic and Facial Recognition Module provide top of the line Solution.

Solution Highlights : 

  • Flexible authentication policy including 2FA is encouraged by the government.

  • Post-event smart search including face search and dynamic map tracking by face

  • Smart tracking trail concept to support faster investigation with relevant video playback only

  • Quickly find a person of interest across your site

  • Flexible incident configuration with alarm output & push up messages to PC and Mobile client​

Standard or Enterprise Class Systems for First Class security Solution

Cornerstone Power Access control sets the industry standard for integration and scalability. Cornerstone Power provides extensive device support that can be tailored to any industry and application.


Ideal for businesses and applications spread across multiple geographies, Enterprise delivers a powerful network solution that supports data synchronization among numerous servers and regions.

Integrated Security Management


Cornerstone Power platform security system integrates seamlessly with video, intrusion, visitor Management, access, energy saving and fire products and offers remote access and management functionality.


This powerful access control software brings together systems including video surveillance, alarm monitoring and intrusion detection into one easy-to-use interface.

Smart Cards, Reader, FingerPrint to Tag

We delivers a complete solution of secure smart card IDs, Reader, Tag and credentials in a variety of form factors for physical and logical access control as well as converged solutions for building and computer access, transit payment, cashless vending, biometrics and other applications.


Designed to enhance the security, convenience and aesthetics of any installation, Secure contactless and contact readers and reader boards and cores are used in a limitless variety of applications: facility access control, mobile payment devices, computer network data security, medical record management, employee time and attendance, border control and many more.


Physical Access Systems

Physical Access Systems ensures safe migration of passengers in a transportation setting, efficient entrance and exit of visitors at entertainment venues and controlled admittance to public buildings such as offices, schools, and government buildings.


Designed to work together seamlessly, Access Systems' products provide you with the technology you need to deliver sophisticated security solutions from the simplest to the most challenging.


Product category included Full Height Turnstile, Tripod Turnstile, Swing Barrier Gates, Intelligent Car Parking System, Flap Gate Barrier, Parking Barrier Systems and Pedestrian Turnstile.

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