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Smart Lock Solutions

Eliminate Physical Keys

The Smart Lock mobile application allows users to open smart locks securely, while also being able to use it offline, in a site without data coverage.

Trust Your Accesses

Authenticate users to their smartphones and independently to the server. Rely on phones that respond to key creation and cancelation in real-time.

Enrich The Status-quo

Capitalize the features in the smartphone such as GPS, and biometrics to enhance the capabilities of your access control system.

Maintenance Free

  • Easy to install tether mount point

  • 5-year battery life with fail-secure option powered by USB

Hardened Design

  • 10mm boron and stainless steel shackle

  • Engineered for harsh environments and weather conditions

Real-Time Audit & Control

  • Real-time access control with bank-grade digital security

  • Integrated sensors to meet audit requirements


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